All about the battery

Every Away Carry-On has a removable 37-watt lithium-ion battery located underneath the handle. It is allowed in the cabin and can be carried onto any flight.

We know that plans (and airline policies) are subject to change, which is why we designed the battery to be quickly removable from the start, making it compliant (and convenient) at any airport in the world. As more people traveled with our Carry-Ons and told us about their experiences, we learned that many of our customers wanted to be able to remove the battery even faster, so we developed a battery that could be instantly ejected.

Why would I need to remove the battery?

  • If you're checking your Carry-On
    If you check or gate-check your Carry-On, you are required to remove the battery and bring it into the cabin with you (where you can keep using it to charge your devices).
  • If you’re flying out of Asia
    We recommend removing the battery before you go through security in Asia (they’re sticklers there). You can replace it once you’re through.
  • If you’re carrying on a Delta flight
    If you have a Carry-On with our original battery module, the battery must be removed from its housing to carry on the bag. The battery itself isn’t the problem—Delta has a rule that if your battery needs a tool to remove it, it has to be taken out of its housing when you carry it on. The battery is still allowed in the cabin—you can even keep it packed inside your bag or carry it on separately. The inconvenience will only be temporary—by late spring, we’ll have a way to replace your current battery module with an ejectable one for free. Learn more here.

How do I remove the battery?

Our current Carry-On has an ejectable battery—just open the port, press down on the battery, and release. It will pop right out.

If you have a Carry-On with our original design, the battery doesn’t eject but it can still be removed in seconds. Just unzip the interior lining and use the included TSA-approved screwdriver to open the port and slide the battery out. If you need any help or a new (free!) screwdriver, let us know at

Is this approved to fly?

All the way. Every Carry-On is approved to be carried on to any flight (with the battery in place) or to be checked (with the battery removed) and complies with all regulations from individual airlines, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), and Department of Transportation (DOT), and meets UN/DOT 38.3 requirements.

What if the airline asks me about the battery?

Since these policies are still new, everyone at the airlines (or in line at security) might not be as up-to-date as you. If an employee ever has a question about your bag (or the rules), you can find the policies of the major US airlines below.

American Airlines
"You can travel with these bags as a carry-on bag. If the bag needs to be checked or valeted you must remove the battery and carry it with you."
From American Airline's policy page as of February 1, 2018.

"Customers checking a smart bag with a removable lithium-ion battery must remove it and take it with them into the cabin. Customers carrying-on a smart bag containing a removable lithium-ion battery must remove it from the designed enclosure prior to boarding the aircraft. This is consistent with Delta's policy today requiring customers to place spare lithium-ion batteries in their carry-on luggage."

"Pack spare batteries in carry-on baggage."
From Delta Airline's official statement and from their policy page as of February 13, 2018.

United Airlines
"Effective January 15, 2018, if you plan to check a smart bag that has charging capabilities, you must place the lithium battery in your carry-on baggage."
From United Airline's policy page as of February 1, 2018.

Can I switch my suitcase for one with an ejectable battery?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. We want our Carry-Ons to perfectly fit the personal travel needs and preferences of every traveler, so if you’d like to travel with an ejectable battery, you should have one. We’re currently working on a way to make that switch in an easy and environmentally thoughtful way. Why don’t we just send you a new bag right this minute? Because when we said this is a bag you’ll have for life, we meant it. We don’t want to send your Carry-On to the landfill when, with a small tweak, it could get back out on the road with you for life. So we’re developing a way to switch out just the battery module, and the second we’re ready, we’ll email everyone who wants to make the swap. It’ll be free, easy, and better for everyone (the planet included).

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