The Travel Neck Pillow

colorNavy/Grey(Gone, for now)

Built for ultimate comfort and versatility, The Travel Neck Pillow has an interior made from a foam pillow core and quilted padding. It is easily adjustable and includes a main string that goes all the way through the interior, and elastic strings on both sides for ideal height adjustment. It can also connect to The Travel Blanket via button snaps.

Additionally, our fabric uses 37.5® thermoregulating technology to personalize climate control. If you get hot, 37.5 active particles help to cool you down. If you get cold, these same particles work to warm you up.

A person adjusting their Away travel neck pillow in green for comfort.

Extra comfortable

With a built in adjustable strap and an interior foam pillow core, this travel neck pillow provides extra comfort.

A green travel neck pillow with a close up of the adjustable strap.

Antimicrobial finish

It has an antimicrobial finish, comes with an antimicrobial pouch for safe storage, and features thermoregulating technology.

Make a connection

The Neck Pillow can easily snap to The Travel Blanket via button clasps.