Away in Silver Lake: Exploring LA's eastside through local business owner Gina Correll Aglietti.

Modernist architecture. Golden hour at the reservoir. Cozy restaurants, shops, and bars. This is Silver Lake, a neighborhood far from the crowded beaches and glitz of Los Angeles. Here’s why when you come west, you should go east—to LA’s east side.

Includes quote from Gina: "I am known to be extremely spontaneous with my travel" and description of photo collage including Gina packing the essentials, and her dog, Donny, basking in the sun.


Gina Correll Aglietti is a Silver Lake local and cofounder of Yola Mezcal, an artisanal mezcal brand handcrafted in Oaxaca. “Our initial concept was strong women, strong drink,” she says of Yola. Though she travels to Mexico often for business, Silver Lake is home. Here are her favorite local spots.

Gina’s packing list

A frequent traveler, Gina is often in Mexico City and Oaxaca for business, in addition to prioritizing travel for pleasure whenever she can. Here’s what she doesn’t leave home without.

Gina's Packing List: The Bigger Carry-On in Black, New Yorker, botanical body oil, film camera, jewelry, altro paradiso hat, yola mezcal and perfume

How would you spend your perfect Sunday in Silver Lake?

Farmers market, a walk around the reservoir, and a backyard hang with my friends and good food.

Fountain Ave / Armenia St

LA Rose CafeRestaurants come and go in LA, but this cozy Filipino cafe has been a neighborhood staple since ‘82. Their menu includes favorites like sisig and arroz caldo.

Kenbey SushiThere’s a real sushi scene in Silver Lake, but Chef Kenji Koyama is serving up something special from his omakase to classics like yellowtail sashimi.

Sunset Blvd / Sanborn Ave

Mohawk General StoreA one-stop shop for everyone’s favorite designer clothes and accessories. Upgrade your wardrobe, then stroll to the many surrounding spots on Sunset Blvd.

Silver Lake Blvd / Effie St

BotanicaFounded by two food writers, this restaurant and cafe is known for their farmers market-centric menu, long list of natural wines, and inviting atmosphere.