Every year, we scour the globe for inspiring places to travel with our luggage and shoot it in the wild. Now, we're sharing the destinations on our 2024 radar with you. To help capture these places authentically, we tapped into our global network of photographers for their local POV.

2024 resolution: get closer to nature. First up is Shikoku, a region of Western Japan by the Seto Inland Sea, with long stretches of coastline and lush mountain ranges further inland. Often described as going back in time to a more traditional Japan, Shikoku’s claims to fame include popularizing udon noodles, inspiring the onsen in Studio Ghibli films, and hosting the 88-temple pilgrimage.

A rural fishing village in Uwajima, Ehime prefecture.

The Medium: Aluminum Edition in Silver at Osaka Station headed toward Shikoku.

River Thepsourinthone is an Osaka-based photographer who uses natural light to give his subjects and scenery a distinctive halo, or glow from within. He specializes in street photography shot on film, capturing tender, fleeting moments of human connection.

The Medium: Aluminum Edition in Silver at a shrine in Ehime prefecture.

The road out of Ehime City towards Shikoku Karst National Park.

View through a temple doorway in Ehime City, Ehime prefecture.

Most anyone who visits Copenhagen comes back boasting about the architecture, fashion, and high quality of life. And who couldn’t use a little more hygge in 2024? Copenhagen has a surplus of happiness, and we’ll be bringing home at least a few cupfulls, tak you very much.

Colorful houses along the Nyhavn waterfront district.

On the streets of Copenhagen with The Medium Flex in Navy Blue.

Hop on a bike, Copenhagen’s favorite mode of transport. Pictured: The Everywhere Bag in Olive Green.

With clients like Vogue Scandinavia and Ganni, art director & photographer Sara Abraham’s images lean cool—and embody cool. We couldn’t think of a better candidate to capture the essence of Copenhagen.

Changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace.

Dakar is well-known for its secluded beaches, world-famous surf breaks, and amazing street food. But it’s also becoming the de facto destination for creatives, with the upcoming Dak’Art Biennale, Kehinde Wiley’s artist residency at Black Rock Senegal, and Dakar Fashion Week. With some of the hottest music, fashion, and art scenes in West Africa, we’re keeping a close eye on Dakar in 2024.

Dakar’s favorite mode of transport: the Car Rapide.

View from Island of Gorée, a World Heritage Site just 2km from Dakar’s harbor.

On the lively streets of Dakar with The Everywhere Bag in Coast Blue.

As the entertainment capital of the world, everyone has an opinion about Vegas. But you can’t deny that it’s the cradle of American culture: home to the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII, F1, and feats of engineering that make even Dubai and Macau jealous. It’s time Vegas gets their (well-earned) flowers.

America’s cowboy past, immortalized in neon signage.

Nicol Biesek is a Los Angeles native with an eye-popping body of work for publications like Rolling Stone and Variety, plus brand campaigns you’ve almost definitely seen. She recently returned from a holiday road trip to Vegas with friends. We loved how Nicole was able to capture the energy and movement of the city, which she chalks up to her athletic background in basketball.

On the streets of Vegas with The Everywhere Bag and The Everywhere Zip Backpack, both in Navy Blue.

Seize the night with The Large in Jet Black.

More travelers are seeking remote destinations for a less curated experience—and we’re all for it. Mongolia’s tourism board has also made it easier than ever to visit, waiving the visa requirement for 60+ countries. With just two people per square kilometer (closer to one when you exclude the capital), it’s the least densely populated country in the world. We suggest renting a car in Ulaanbaatar, but not sticking to a strict itinerary—just stop anywhere in the vast countryside and experience true freedom.

View of a Mongolian ger camp—where you’ll likely stay when traveling outside Ulaanbaatar.

View of the Tuul River in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park (a must-visit).

Kazakh horseback riders with their companion golden eagles, who help them hunt—an ancient tradition.

A typical nomadic dwelling in Mongolia.

What was once a humble fishing village is now a go-to luxury escape with a global reputation, complete with secluded beaches and seaside resorts. There’s something vaguely European about José Ignacio, like the Mediterranean villas dotting the waterfront, the unpaved roads, and the longstanding family-owned businesses.

José Ignacio has always felt remote—and for many, that’s been one of the main draws to the region.

Possibly José Ignacio’s most popular attraction, their picture-perfect lighthouse.

An aerial view of the entire peninsula.

Before the world caught wind of Jose Ignacio in the 70s, it was a quaint fishing village where neighboring locals and their families would seek peace and quiet.

Pueblo-style architecture by the coast.