Every size for everywhere

Our best-selling silhouette is available in three sizes: standard, medium, and large. There’s an Everywhere Bag for it all.

Go everywhere. With standard, medium, and large sizes, there’s an Everywhere Bag that’s just right for every type of packer and every destination. From daily commutes to extended stays, find the one that works for you.

THE EVERYWHERE BAGOur best-selling silhouette is designed to go everywhere you go. Use it as a daily work or gym bag or carry it along with your suitcase for longer trips.
THE MEDIUM EVERYWHERE BAGNot too big. Not too small. The Medium Everywhere Bag is just right as an overnight bag with room for any essentials for a night out of town.
THE LARGE EVERYWHERE BAGThe largest bag of the bunch, this size has the most capacity for weekend getaways, business travel, or whatever keeps you on the move for a few days at a time.