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The Kids' Carry-On

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On the left is a young girl in a beige trench coat holding The Kid's Carry-On in Sand by its handle and standing in front of green bushes.  On the right is a woman in a long beige coat holding The Bigger Carry-On in Sand by its top handle and standing in front of a green bush.

Pack your own adventure

This is luggage they’ll grow into, not out of. The Kids’ Carry-On is the perfect travel companion for smaller travelers that’ll stay close by through all their childhood travels, guaranteed.

On the left there is a young girl holding The Kids Carry-On in Asphalt. She is wearing a yellow dress with a large furry white jacket and standing in front of a palm tree.  On the right, a woman is carrying The Bigger Carry-On in Asphalt and she is wearing a long white dress with a chunky yellow cardigan and standing in front of a large tree.

Grow up Away

It’s our classic Carry-On sized down (not downsized), with a shell that never breaks, a battery that charges any phone or tablet, and an adjustable handle so they can do it all by themselves.