Air Willie - Away collaboration with Willie Norris

Willie Norris with a flight attendant and a suitcase and garment bag from the collection

Attention, passengers: Air Willie is happy to announce an on-time arrival of the new limited edition pride collection.

Brooklyn-based fashion designer Willie Norris is back, and this time, she's bringing you a capsule collection that’s taking flight. Known for her way with words and celebrated by LGBTQ+ circles in New York and beyond, Willie invites you to declare your baggage and get out there. Because why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Take flight into Willie’s world to learn more about her work, and the inspiration behind the collection.

“Air Willie gets you wherever you need to go, which is not necessarily where you want to go. My fleet is made up entirely of planes of existence, not planes of flight.”

Willie Norris with the "old habits" Bigger Carry-On


Away: What inspired this collection?

Willie Norris: I was inspired by this idea of packing and being in an airport. I loved the idea of taking airport signage and making the pieces “signage” of their own. It’s like the “nothing to declare” sign you see in customs is in conversation with the “something to declare” text on the suitcase.

“OLD HABITS DON’T DIE” nods to the existential panic that happens at the airport—the why-am-I-like-this train of thought you have when you overpack, bring five outfits, and only wear one the whole time.
Garment bag with the words "This is personal" printed on the front
Willie Norris with an outfit that reads "Willie gets you there"

What’s your most memorable airline experience?

WN: It was 2005, and it was my first time on an airplane flying from Boston to London on my way to Italy for a school trip (very firmly inspired by the Lizzie McGuire movie that came out a few years prior). I was in total awe there could be a staircase on a plane. I was so obsessed with the entire experience that I had my photo taken with nearly every flight attendant on a disposable camera, and I kept the in-flight cutlery as souvenirs.

“To this day, I still get a bit of that buzzy energy whenever I fly.”       “To this day, I still get a bit of that buzzy energy whenever I fly.”

What's your favorite airport? Why?

WN: The Oslo airport has always left a distinct impression on me for its variety of travel-friendly foods that fit my food palate perfectly.

I also love CDG in Paris. Those tunnels are so cinematic and romantic. They get me every time.

Is there a place that’s inspiring you the most right now?

WN: Right now, Southern France is a place I want to visit, primarily because I want to see the Millau Viaduct—I have a thing for bridges and intentionally seek them out while traveling.
Flight attendant with the "Something to declare" Bigger Carry-On



Kick off Pride with us IRL

Willieburg, bring your own body (BYOB) and celebrate the kick-off to Pride and the Air Willie Collection. Bring a T-shirt for custom screen printing by Willie and get travel-inspired flash tattoos by Queer and Asian-owned tattoo studio, Long Time Tattoo.

See you there.

June 1

12 to 5 pm

Away Williamsburg
111 N 3rd St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249
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