Flex Suitcases

Meet our award-winning Flex luggage, featuring an expandable zipper and available in four sizes. So you can make room for things you didn't necessarily plan for. Just in case.

Expandable suitcases: an overpacker's dream

Pack more into (and get more out of) every trip to come with our line of expandable suitcases. Our award-winning Flex luggage is designed with an expandable zipper for extra packing space when you need it. When fully expanded, Flex can fit an additional 2.25" of space in our Carry-Ons, and an extra 1.75" of space in our checked sizes. So go ahead and pack that extra outfit (or two) or say yes to that souvenir—our expandable Flex suitcases can handle it all. Not sure if Flex is what you need? Compare all of our Carry-Ons and checked options to find your perfect fit.

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