The Sleep Mask


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Extra soft and super sleek, The Sleep Mask features a molded interior shape that gives your eyes plenty of room. It includes a hidden pocket for easy ear plug storage, and folds into itself for easy packing.

Additionally, our fabric uses 37.5® thermoregulating technology to personalize climate control. If you get hot, 37.5 active particles help to cool you down. If you get cold, these same particles work to warm you up.

Free shipping

A close up of a light blue travel sleep mask showing interior contours.

Extra comfortable

The Sleep Mask has an interior contour shape that gives your eyes plenty of space.

A close view of a travel sleep mask in blue with an antimicrobial fabric.

Antimicrobial finish

It has an antimicrobial finish on the outer fabric and features thermoregulating technology.

Pack it

The Sleep Mask folds into itself for easy storage.