Two ways to carry on

The difference
First came The Carry-On, sized according to official airline regulations. Then, after research and real-life testing, came the The Bigger Carry-On, sized to fit the standard that airlines actually use—the sizer.
The true test
When we put The Carry-On in the sizer, we found out the sizer is actually oversize—an inch taller, wider, and a half-inch deeper than it says. So we made The Bigger Carry-On to fit the sizer exactly. Think of it as a luggage loophole.
The flight plan
If you take long-haul flights on major airlines, get The Bigger Carry-On—it fits the sizer and in the overhead bins. If you also take regional flights or shuttles, get The Carry-On if you want to take it on the plane, or The Bigger Carry-On if you don’t mind planeside-checking.