Make a set

Get going with a suitcase set. Start with a Carry-On, then add a Medium or a Large suitcase to save $45. Add a Medium and a Large to save $100.

Better togetherOur lightweight, classic Carry-Ons with one (or two) of our checked suitcases fit all of your essentials. Mix and match colors to make it your own.
Perfect pairingOur luggage is made for the way you actually pack and travel. And when you’re unpacked—the suitcases nest neatly inside each other to save on space.
Pack it all inPair a durable, softside Carry-On with a checked suitcase. Designed to expand, you’ll have the flexibility to pack even more into every adventure.
More to exploreGet the most out of every trip with a suitcase set. Bring everything you need (plus a little more).
Make a statementDon’t blend in. Our stylish aluminum Carry-On in your preferred size and one (or two) checked suitcases stand out on any trip.
Ready when you areOur aluminum suitcase sets are thoughtfully designed and durable enough to be up for anything. And taken anywhere.